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We are here to motivate and inspire you with our projects. The main focus of Drecarus is to share worthwhile goals and a positive feeling about life. We want to motivate people to follow their dreams, even if others tell them it’s impossible or it seems to risky. Drecarus exists to prove that it is possible for everybody to create something great out of nothing.

We believe in the motto: "Do what you love and the success will follow later on".

Love what you do, and you'll do it well


Follow Drecarus and see how it is possible for everybody to create something great out of nothing. We love to work and collaborate with different people and share experiences.

Self Development

Check out our blog on how to develop yourself and improve every day with us! We want to learn from the best and improve our life experience and share the results.


Try something new! Get out of your comfort zone. Change your life. Get inspired. Now!

  • Life is beautiful

    There are countless different ways to express happiness, create something amazing and share positive feelings.

    The only barrier is your own mindset. The most important thing in life is to take the first step and convince yourself to give it a try.

    Life is a huge adventure and there are so many amazing things to discover and learn about.

    Don't be afraid to fail.

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Current projectsIf you don't go for your dreams,what is your life about?

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    75.000 quotes from various categories for free. You can tweet them directly.

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    Drecarus talked to more than hundred Cosplayers about their Cosplay experiences and their upcoming goals. Have fun reading and get inspired!

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    The project Drecarus started in late 2014 with a simple idea. "Do what you love and do best and help others with it, the success will follow!". Check out the blog and read about how this project came to life and what's going on right now.

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